For well over a decade, Icreon has worked across various industries, combining numerous technologies to develop web, software, and mobile applications for businesses.

Icreon is built on the belief that today's myriad business challenge can be solved through smarter technology solutions.

Our processes are guided by a deep understanding of numerous technologies. Our commitment towards innovation and excellence has led us to work with some of the largest companies in the world. Our expert teams boast award-winning designers, world-class developers, certified analysts and senior architects.

Represented by Clicks and Hits FZE, we’re proud to announce our new office in Dubai.

Our Clients

With over 15 years of experience working across a variety of verticals, we’ve helped clients in a multitude of industries improve their overall performance and revenue. Ranging from designing apps for innovative

startups to developing robust e-commerce platforms for retail giants, we work with businesses who acknowledge that technology systems can help fill business gaps.

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Defining Icreon:

i • cre • on

/ ai kre än /

"I" – The Intelligence we bring to every project to solve problems.

"CR" – The technological creativity we instil in every project.

"EON" – The belief that all of our clients are long-term partners.

Our Work

Icreon builds web, mobile, and software applications for businesses looking to profoundly transform their technology ecosystem. Our process typically includes:

  • First

    Understanding business needs & developing technology roadmaps.

  • Second

    Carrying out the vision through innovative design & development

  • Third

    Maintaining the application for future growth

The Icreon Promise...

We understand that you need a solution that is well beyond the ordinary. While developing solutions is the easy part, developing solutions that businesses love is where

you’ll see the value in working with Icreon. We promise to deliver a scalable, adaptable, and quintessential solution that’s unabashedly exciting.


Our expertise in business-first technology manifests itself in every aspect of Icreon culture,

making every project an exercise in sustainable, results-oriented business software.

Our Offices

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