Your employees are collaborating through Excel spreadsheets and Trello boards. They’re using Dropbox to find different versions of documents. They’re backing up all of their data to USBs. The business you’re running is extremely inefficient.

Whether you need a central repository for important business assets, or utilize version control, or feasibly provide detailed content reports, a CMS is essential to almost every single business today. A well-conceived Content Management platform allows your business to securely store, update and access information from any location or device.

Ranging from multi-location public facing websites to internal warehouse systems, Icreon builds enterprise-grade content managements systems to facilitate the publishing, editing and modification of all your most important business assets.

The Basics

  • Faceted Search

    The ability to quickly retrieve documents and assets instead of spending time browsing through word and excel files gives you and your team the freedom to focus on functions that make your business profitable.

  • Central Repository

    Store and organize files of different capacities like videos and interactive content to simpler content like photos, text, documents and audio within a centralized location.

  • Version Control

    Provide users with different privileges to ensure files aren’t deleted or altered inappropriately, and go back to see changes made to every document.

The Not So Obvious

  • Leveraging Mobile

    Developing and customizing a CMS platform is easy, but building websites that re-evaluate points like dynamically serving smaller images and compressing files so that information is easy to retrieve through mobile is where the real value is.

  • Multi-Domain

    Does your business span across the globe, requiring location-based websites? Icreon develops multi-lingual, multi-domain websites to give all users a consistent experience.

  • Eliminate Redundancy

    With all business data stored in a centralized location you’ll get visibility of document changes, completely eliminating duplicate efforts that are wasting time and money.

our solutions in action

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Mobile App Development
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