Social networks provide a virtual platform for users to share and collaborate on thoughts and ideas. Today, social networks are so much more than Twitter & Facebook. They connect businesses, non-profits, governments, and organizations better within each other.

The way in which we utilize social networks is expanding. Salesforce has Chatter. Microsoft has Yammer. Enterprise Social Networks help facilitate new levels of collaboration and improve employee morale, both inside and outside of the company.

At Icreon, we build platforms that make sharing information and knowledge easy, ultimately improving the efficiency of your entire business. We break down the departmental silos that are restricting efficient collaboration in your business.

The Basics

  • Collaboration

    By opening up channels for cross-departmental communication & providing the ability to quickly share and retrieve documents-intranets induce collaboration into your entire business.

  • Connected

    Some employees are in the field.Some are working from home.Other are in office.By deploying an internal communication platform, you allow all employees to stay constantly connected.

  • Accountability

    You don't want a content writer having the same privileges as a VP-social networks make it so that users only access things that are necessary to complete their job.

The Not So Obvious

  • Use Big Data

    Online communities are highly valuable because of the large amounts of data they're able to generate. Businesses can understand deeper trends within communities and provide them with the information needed to make decisions.

  • Smart Filtering

    When it comes to accessing data, it's important to display the most relevant information to users.We use our engineering capabilities to build algorithms that ensure you don't provide irrelevant and redundant information.

  • Socialization

    User adoption is the key to any software implementation. When building a social network platform for employees, it's important to design a system that helps users gradually learn the ins and outs.

our solutions in action

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