Kenya Airways is the largest Kenyan airline, boasting a vast international destination network – flying to over 56 cities in Asia, Africa, and Europe including Athens, Bangkok, Mumbai, London and beyond. Known as the "Pride of Africa", Kenya Airways is the leader in Sub-Saharan operations.

Kenya Airways
The Challenge

Kenya Airways wanted to scale their online system to better sell online flights. The challenge for the airline was to drum up more sales from B2B and B2C clients that could be hosted under a single portal. The portal needed to integrate with Kenya Airway’s existing systems, from ticket readers and check-in tools to baggage insurance providers and discounts.

The Analysis

With such an ambitious nature for the project, Icreon knew that in order to host multiple applications in a single system it would have to be a complete end-to-end solution. We needed to develop a single point that would handle booking and purchasing travel products like flights, hotels, restaurants and insurance packages. The platform would need to be easy enough for a family to use, while also accommodating the complex needs of business users. The goal of the website would be, "All of Kenya in a Website".

With the platform requiring strategic integration with third party products, we built the custom technology on top of PHP and MySQL, utilizing Memcached to increase page performance.
The platform seamlessly integrates with other systems to populate inventory information for available deals, making it easy for customers to efficiently purchase travel packages in real-time.
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • RESTful
Key Features
  • Service Friendly

    Travel agents are able to buy flight, hotel and restaurant packages in bulk, which they can then sell in flexible packages to both consumers and businesses.

  • Enterprise E-commerce

    The backend of the application is fully automated, making it the first portal in Africa to have a self-service airline ecommerce tool that requires zero manual entry.

  • Customized Portal

    The Travel Portal is actually comprised of 13 separate services that are all intertwined into one – from flights to hotel stays to dinner reservations to travel insurance.

  • Media Friendly

    Kenya Airways' marketing team has a series of simple interfaces to completely change content, banner ads, videos, and photography on the site to attract customers.

Portal to book all trips to Kenya
Different services offered by the platform
Dollars earned by Kenya Airways each year
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