London Capital Group (LCG) was founded in 1996 as a proprietary trading business. They offer a wide variety of financial trading products and platforms for retail, professional and institutional investors. Today, LCG has over 70,000 clients worldwide.

The Challenge

When LCG approached Icreon, they had 15 white-label websites, and the process of establishing and managing them had become time-consuming and costly.

They wanted to streamline the entire process using a robust, secure CMS that could manage all the current websites from a single portal, while also allowing the flexibility to add new sites.

The Analysis

During the solution design phase, Icreon met with various stakeholders of the application to understand and document the project requirements and current system pain points. This included LCG internal IT teams and third party providers,

Ariel (Live Trading Data), and Equifax (Credit Check Service). After gathering the necessary information, Icreon recommended Drupal to build the application.

Drupal allows multiple sites to be run from a single, standard installation – making it an ideal fit for this project. Icreon built a new system that allowed LCG to manage all websites from a single portal, ultimately streamlining their entire business workflow.
LCG now has the ability to create and manage multi-lingual websites, as well as universally update all websites from a single change in the CMS. The new system was integrated with third parties such as ARIEL and Equifax.
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • HTML5
Key Features

    Three types of users were defined; web, IT and marketing – each with different permissions


    The websites managed by the new CMS can easily be published in multiple languages

  • Multi-Lingual

    Data is synchronized between the ecommerce system and ERP to avoid duplication of customer and product details.


    LCG can create multiple sites with multiple domains, all run from a single system.

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