With the rate that technology is advancing, IT systems are often the quickest business tools to become obsolete. The problem is that these systems are often huge investments, and nobody wants to re-invest in tech overhauls on a rolling basis. In addition to being up-to-date, you need your software platforms to be adaptable and scalable as well.

Chances are, your business is running on outdated systems. Your current technology ecosystem just isn't working for your business anymore, and you’re struggling to keep up with trends in mobility, security and cloud infrastructure.

At Icreon, we know that system overhauls aren't just about new features, they're also about the socialization of the product. Whether it's user training, data migration, or system support, we make sure that your system migration provides a solid foundation for success now, and for success in the long term.

The Basics

  • Data Migration

    Migrating massive amounts of data from an old system to a new platform without losing any information is a complex process, and a seamless transition is imperative.

  • Bridge the Gap

    Implementing new applications is barely the battle. Newly developed systems should rethink how business gets done, bridging the gap of business and technology.

  • Integration

    Utilizing out-of-the-box software, building out custom components where necessary, and seamlessly integrating the two will heavily reduce the both the software costs, and risk of failure.

The Not So Obvious

  • Socialization

    Even the perfect software solution for your business doesn’t guarantee your employees will use it. We put forth the effort of seeing there is proper training, testing, and appropriate feedback protocols to increase user adoption.

  • Phased Approach

    Rather than taking the risk of the all-at-once migration, a progressive transition of legacy systems to newly built platforms increases the chances of success.

  • Scalability

    Architecting a solution to have scalable pathways to growth, expansion, modification, and alteration are ways to ensure you won’t have to start all over.

our solutions in action

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