The MLB Players Association represents the rights of professional baseball players. The players collectively represent a multi-billion dollar industry for the league, and the MLBPA is designed to ensure that players’ needs are being met and that they are up-to-date on the latest information that concerns relevant Major League Baseball news and information.

The Challenge

Players need to be in the know on both the business side and personal side of their career. Like everyone else, players use tablets and smartphones to stay up to date on the information most relevant to them. As players are always on the go, they have explosively migrated to mobile devices, making the prime directive to

build compelling smartphone and tablet apps. To accommodate baseball players' device preferences, we realized the need to support multiple operating systems, from iOS to Android and Windows Phone, all developed within a two-month timeframe.

The Analysis

With an timeline of two months, Icreon and MLBPA worked at breakneck pace to develop the apps . We would focus on the most desired features from players - from understanding the resources available to them, to looking up their upcoming road trips, to bookmarking specific players’ rights. We would need to develop a suite of mobile apps that would essentially serve as a player's digital almanac to getting through the season.

MLBPA App Development
MLBPA Android Development
MLBPA iPhone Development
The app quickly segments key player topics to help a player find information about a specific topic at lightning speed, using imagery to draw the user into the content.
Icreon had to integrate the applications with MLBPA's existing Sharepoint backend. With five mobile clients and a RESTful web service to write, we broke out into an agile development cycle. Because application performance was a concern,
the team worked strictly on native code, building out the iPhone and iPad applications on Objective C, then Android in Java, and then Windows Phone app in C# and WPF. The result was a full suite of apps ready for pre-season launch.
  • RESTful API
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
Key Features

    Players can sign into the app from a variety of devices using a single account username and password.


    Applications were developed natively to ensure a smooth user experience, instead of writing hybrid applications.


    The app pulls from external sources to retrieve information about the MLB business schedule players have in-season.


    All apps are equipped with quick ways to get in touch with various members of MLBPA staff through e-mail, phone, and even social media.

Single-scalable Web-service
Mobile apps for the players
Days to go from Start to Finish for Phase 1
  • 2:30PM

    New York

  • 2:30PM


  • 2:30PM


  • 2:30PM