New York Road Runners is the world's largest running organization. Every year, hundreds of thousands of runners participate in over 60 yearly races, including five half marathons and the world’s largest marathon, the New York City Marathon. What started out as a simple running club over 30 years ago has transformed into a leading brand in the athletic events space.

The Challenge

NYRR has over 60,000 runners participate in the 26.2 mile marathon alone, and thousands more sign up for the lottery to be selected. With other weekly races and marquee events, the organization needed a better way to track their operations – from race details to volunteer management to runner's bib

assignments. On top of that, each race generates a mountain of useful information from runners and advertisers that NYRR uses to prepare for upcoming events. With a majority of the existing applications operating in siloes NYRR needed an integrated, centralized system.

The Analysis

Previous legacy systems utilized by NYRR handled information in separate siloes, making it difficult to manage all data from a single source. With over decades of old data, Icreon worked with NYRR to understand the

entire scope of an integrated system that would allow the organization to manage their operations – from hosting new events to taking payments to generating reports to managing staff.

NYRR Web Development
NYRR Software Development
A Multimedia Powerhouse: The frontend is developed atop Drupal which pulls beautiful race data and information from the content management system.
Development of NYRR's new enterprise system, dubbed FRED2 (an homage to the organization's founder), was a multi-month long process. The core backend system was built in .NET to handle day-to-day operations, and multiple technologies were used to handle other parts of the project.
The public facing website, NYRR.org, was built in Drupal and utilizes Varnish and Memcached to increase performance and scale without adding too much infrastructural overhead.
  • .NET System
  • Drupal
  • Sugar CRM
  • RESTful API
Key Features

    Key settings in the system are built flexibly so that users can change them quickly. For example, one setting allows runners who've run nine previous races to pre-qualify for the NYC Marathon.


    The system holds sensitive medical information about runners and event organizers, all of which are stored securely by the backend of FRED2.


    30 years of prior race data have been cleansed and migrated into FRED2 so that the organization can have a single source for all of their operational data.


    Signing up for races – the organization's primary source of revenue - has been streamlined to maximize conversions and make it easier to pay for events.

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