NYU Stern School of Business is one of the elite business schools in the world. Today, the school enrolls students from around the globe, teaches across continents, and is pushing the envelope of blending education, business & technology. Every year, thousands of students are required to manage their curriculum, sign-up for classes, and manage their bursars in order to get a world-class education.

The Challenge

Senior IT leadership at NYU Stern wanted to develop a more streamlined student information system and class registration process. Specifically,

NYU was looking to build a better mobile system that would allow students to make changes to their classes from anywhere in the world.

The Analysis

After interviews with students and the NYU team, Icreon would develop a plan to create a mobile strategy for the Student Registration System. We realized that students needed to search, browse, and select business courses,

all while seeing trending courses and course availability in real-time. On top of that, we reazlied the need for seamless bursar and financial package transactions.

Icreon’s application design team mapped out the workflows and interfaces needed for a mobile-optimized website that would allow for the requested requirements. Icreon’s user experience team charted a course of HTML5 libraries
that would make it easier for users to interact with the application across all mobile platforms. Built using Drupal as a base, the system provides both students and financial offices a seamless experience.
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • MySQL
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