Taxinet is a logistics company that is revolutionizing the transportation infrastructure of South America. By seamlessly connecting riders and drivers through web and mobile technologies, Taxinet makes cities more accessible and traveling a more consistence experience. Using intelligent Uber-like technologies, Taxinet provides drivers and riders of South America a safer, faster, and more reliable way to travel.

The Challenge

As safety and security issues surrounding transportation have continued to rise in South America, Taxinet sought a technology partner that could build an integrated platform that would allow users to travel with convenience and peace of mind. The company wanted to build a centralized web application that would oversee every aspect of the platform – from drivers and users locations, to fare management,

to payment processes - paired with unique mobile applications for drivers and riders to connect. With the vision of being deployed in every cab in South America, the system would need to be built with the ability to rapidly expand, accommodating the mindset of an additional country per month. On top of it all, with taxi fare deregulations on the horizon, the system would have to adapt to a changing political landscape.

The Analysis

From the outset, Icreon would develop the database and design algorithms that would calculate ride costs based on time and distance travelled. Icreon would then need to develop a web-based application which would allow administrators to oversee operations. The web app would be developed in parallel with the mobile applications, which would connect drivers and riders.

To ensure each application talks to Taxinet uniformly, Icreon would also need to develop an API Layer that communicates with all devices, decreasing the time to support new devices, with minimal need to modify the database.

Taxinet App Development
Taxinet Android App Development
Taxinet Web App Development
Intuitive interface that allows users to receive detailed notifications, see driver and car details, and provides routing and directions during the ride.
Icreon designed and developed the database and web application using the Microsoft Technology Stack. Admins can easily oversee driver and rider locations, fares, and notifications – all from a single portal. The driver’s application was built on Android OS and communicates with all devices through a complex API Layer. The rider mobile application operates on all devices, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
  • SQL
  • iOS
  • Android
Key Features
  • Routing and Directions

    Provides peace of mind to customer, ensuring they’re getting where they need to be quickly and safely.

  • Centralized Location Tracking

    The system is able to maintain the location of all taxis in the system through varying levels of network connectivity.

  • Emergency Services Integration

    Backend panel dedicated to emergency services personnel who can immediately access contact and location information of distressed individuals.

  • Taximeters

    Replacing outdated Taximeters, Taxinet provides drivers an Android based application to provide users consistent fares based on time and distance travelled.

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